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  • 30 minutes
  • 6 British pounds
  • One step Closer Fitness Studio

Service Description

Tabata style HIIT workout. Bodyweight, free weights, bands, Kettlebells and more. TabataBlast benefits 15kcal per 1min The Tabata Method burns fat. Increases your metabolism during and after training. Improves aerobic and anaerobic system. Challenges your mental toughness and will power. 💚Target Goals- What are your current fitness goals? If you are like most of us, you probably would like to burn some fat while adding some muscle. Or perhaps you are looking to get stronger, faster, or are looking to improve your endurance or increase your VO2max. Whatever your goal or goals may be, you can find a use for Tabata. See the sample workouts below 💪Burn Fat: Pick an exercise that will get you completely out of breath when you go all out. Sprinting on foot or bike, jump squats, jump roping, burpees. You can even sprint in place… we guarantee you get out of breath! By going all-out you, you will create what is called an oxygen debt. (Sample: Sprint as fast as you possibly can for 8 Tabata intervals). 💪Strength: Choose 4 resistance-based exercises that you can barely rep for 20 seconds… think weighted squats, curls, presses, extensions, etc. Perform 20 seconds of each of the 4 exercises. Then repeat! (Sample: Upright row, bench press, deadlift, squat, repeat) 💪Endurance: Trying to build up to running? Try jogging for 20 seconds at a time with 10 seconds rest between. Looking to build muscle endurance? Choose an exercise, or multiple exercises, of low-to-medium intensity. Something that won’t get you completely and immediately out of breath. Think planks, wall sits, lunges, etc. How many sets of Tabata can you complete before you crack!? (Sample: hold an elbow plank for 20 seconds at a time with 10 seconds rest for as long as you possible can). 💪VO2max: The original TABATA study proved that cycling at top speed for 8 of these intervals does effectively increase an athlete’s VO2max. So hop on the bike, or choose an exercise that will completely tax your muscles and your lungs. (Sample: Sprinting on bike or on foot). WWW.CBDFIT.SHOP WWW.SLAVFIT.CO.UK Hulk Factory Unit 3 N Walls, Stafford ST16 3AB See less

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel please let us know at least 24h ahead.

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  • One Step Closer Fitness Studio, Unit 3 North Walls, Stafford, UK

    44 7907979401

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