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One Step Closer business details 💚

Updated: Jan 7

Hey. .

I'm a personal trainer for many years, recruiting clients and working with them to reach their goals and maintain motivation. I have a track record in retaining clients on a long-term basis with solid results.

I have experience in Thai Boxing, BJJ, MMA, kettlebells, circuit and HIIT training, group fitness, free weights, triathlon and resistance training.

Over a decade experience in fitness / nutrition industry. I'm a professional chef too.

I specialise in strength & conditioning and mental mindset / mental fitness & toughness.

I'm BJJ British Champion, 25 times BJJ medallist, Ironman Triathlete , ultramarathon runner and several marathons Finisher as well as 100s of shorter distance running events. I've competed in Thai Boxing, MMA, obstacle runs to mention only a few. I hold advanced DBS check which allows me to work with children, teenagers as well as adults. Qualifications:.

- fitness instructor

- personal trainer

- Nutrition Diploma

- Naturopath Diploma

- Massage Therapist

- Clinical Weight Loss Coach

- Raw Food Diploma

- Pilates Instructor

- Self-defence instructor

- Boxing/ pad work for fitness coach - Kettlebell instructor

- Mix Martial Arts for fitness Instructor

Little Instagram post here.

All session are hold at private fitness Studio, Hulk Factory, Stafford, North Walls.

Please find my set, regular prices and all other business details below.

Save £200 - £300 on fitness packs.

What's what 😊

FitPack Mini

10 weeks pack including

5x 28 meals (3 assorted meals a day)

10 weeks training plan

10 weeks meal plan Advice and tips You'd report to me with measurements and weigh ins fat burners or post workouts

FitPack One

10 weeks pack including

10 pt sessions, 1 a week

Training plan

10 weeks Slav's fitness classes

5x 2 weeks meal sets ( 3 assorted meals a day for 10 weeks, pick up every 2 weeks )


Weigh ins

ADVICE, support, motivation, help

FitPack two

6 weeks pack including

12 pt sessions - 2 a week

3x 2 weeks daily meal set ( 3 assorted meals a day for 10 weeks, pick up every 2 weeks )

6 weeks Slav's evening fitnes