Sepsis : the battle.

Updated: May 21

On seventh day he resurrected

Plan was to wait til its all over but man, although this stage is about to end, all this is far from over. And I only kinda just realised how bad it all is.. So here we go, with a little help...

Funny, how my last post on Facebook and Personal IG

happened to be this one just few hours before we rang ambulance the first time.

It's as if I was posting to my near future self and tell you what.. There was a point on Friday, mega early hours, when this came to my mind when I was running on probably 20% of heart with anything else being off or on support. That was, as much as I recall the critical moment, the 'closest one to the loss, failure, death..

But I told myself, listen boy you've no idea what is happening but you got no body left, you need that last bit of mind, you need it.. It was constant battle to try and stay in game, hardest thing ever but before I even though I could give in - " what if I can" popped out I'm my head, what if I actually can find out what's behind this hill, this corner. And I see it now.

Never give in as you might be just there

This will be a long post I believe and a chaotic one, proper chaotic just as those weeks . I'm restricted with IG and facbook post size so turning it into a blog which with all the weird and longer stories, adventures and info, details etc you can read on our website. Make sure you do. Make sure you share too 😉

Photos are for illustration purposes only and there won't be the real drastic ones uploaded.

My sepsis fight for life

Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. Sepsis happens when an infection you already have triggers a chain react